Dave Barton is a jazz guitarist, arranger, composer, and teacher based in Kingston, Ontario

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Dave is “fluent” in both jazz and classical guitar, able to help prepare students for auditions in both types of programs at university.

Dave’s successful high school music teaching career and varied experience makes him a positive addition to any adjudicator team in music festivals.

Areas of expertise:    Jazz bands of all styles, Jazz guitar, Classical guitar    


Last Saturday of every month at the RCHA Club in Kingston with the Big Phat Horn Band as guitarist and arranger

April 6 2024 Guesting with She Sings Choir https://www.shesings.ca/

Saturday April 13 2024 with the Kingston Symphony accompanying  Leo P  


Sunday April 28 Jazz Appreciation Day at The Blu Martini from 1 pm..

Saturday May 4 at the Homegrown Live jazz venue https://homegrownlive.ca/

Friday May 24 Jazz with Andy Poole! At the RCHA from 4:30 pm




Dave and Paul Tynan giving a workshop


Dave has a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. Dave taught high school music for 22 years in both traditional band classes and guitar classes. Dave was also a guidance counsellor and special education teacher.

Learning to improvise jazz is like learning to speak a language. Organized jazz instruction teaches the musical grammar and helps with the vocabulary of improvising.

Thanks to Victor Wooten for the language analogy in his book “The Music Lesson”.

As a leader:


New Release

Trio Music - Bandcamp release             

New and old compositions recorded in isolation  

Solo Performance:     The Solo Standard                           
A collection of old and recent standards on solo classical guitar
The Dave Barton Trio:    Snapshot                                       
A trio release featuring 7 original compositions and 3 standards
With others:
Greg Runions Septet        Something Old, Something New    https://gregrunions.bandcamp.com/


Mike Cassells                     Motianless                                          https://mikecassells.bandcamp.com/album/motianless 
The Kingston Jazz Composers Collective                                                                                         https://kjcc.bandcamp.com/
The Newcourt Sessions Vol. 1 and 2
                                             Times and Places


The Greg Runions Big Band, Sweet Home Suite                     https://gregrunions.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-home-suite
Featured soloist on the track Living Lonely
The Queen’s University Alumni Big Band,   Oil Thigh              Composition, (used to be a) Simple Tune
Greg Runions Quintet But Not Forgotten  -                              https://gregrunions.bandcamp.com/album/but-not-forgotten
               with guest artist Kenny Wheeler
Over 100 albums as a session musician on guitar, electric bass and drums
Dave has written numerous jazz tunes, big band compositions, brass ensemble works, and solo classical guitar works.  Listen to demos on the Soundcloud  page and E-mail for a detailed list of available scores/leadsheets


Dave has arranged standards and new original music for ensembles ranging from small pop combo to combined symphony orchestra-big band, recently Quinsin Natchoff’s piece, African Skies for the Greg Runions Big Band, and How High the Moon , for vocalist Yoon Sun Choi  with the Kingston Symphony and the Greg Runions Big Band (Photo above)


Bandcamp channel
featuring new release,Trio Music
Youtube channel - contains indulgent multitracks and instructional videos: 
Soundcloud site
My guitar was made by J.P. Laplante!
My son Paul Barton writes awesome music!


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Dave Barton first studied guitar by trying to copy Chet Atkins records at the age of 10. Dave started gigging in dance bands at 16, with musicians that talked like they were in New York in the ’50’s :

"Hey Davey-Daddy! Bring your axe and we'll wail!"

Dave  went on to study classical guitar, composition and education at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, and to study jazz as a lifelong vocation. Dave taught high school band and guitar classes, and was also a guidance counsellor and special education teacher. 

-jazz guitarist, studio musician, arranger, composer, percussionist and private teacher working in jazz, pop and classical music.

-performed with many of Canada’s great jazz players in concerts and on recordings, 

-large-form compositions have been performed by the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, the Greg Runions Big Band, Brasswerks, and the Queen's University Jazz Ensemble.


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